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South Africa, Botswana + Combined Adventure

The horses in both South Africa and Botswana spend time between safaris as a free roaming herd in the reserve. Due to the lack of stabling, freedom to live as horses should, and plenty of exercise, this gives them a calm, content nature.

They are well socialised with each other and well bonded as a herd.

Due to roaming the reserve they are also familiar with their surroundings, and the many species of wildlife you will come across on safari. Nothing phases them and this makes for nice, sensible, non-spooky horses, allowing riders to relax and concentrate on game viewing.

 The safari horses are stunning and have been hand selected over the years for their endurance, courage and responsiveness to the rider. Many of the horses are mixtures of boerperd, thoroughbred, warmblood, appaloosa and arab.

Each horse has it's own unique personality, but all are honest, forward going and beautiful rides. 

We guarantee by the end of your trip you will have formed an amazing bond, and will want to bring your horse home with you! 


Wild Coast horse herd in Kei River

Wild Coast 

The Wild Coast horses are very much loved, and each horse has been hand-picked or home bred for the purpose of trail and safari riding.  Besides good confirmation and movement, the horses are selected for their exceptional temperament. All horses are schooled to be professional at the work that is required of them.  


The horses are kept out 24/7 to live as horses should, and range over a huge bush veld area in a natural herd. Horses include mixes of Part Arabs, Anglo Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Percherons and South African Boerperds. The horses are exceptionally fit and in endurance condition, and are responsive and forward going. 


The majority of the horses on the Mozambique Safari were rescued from Zimbabwean farms at the height of political violence. 


The rescued horses all have an amazing tale to tell, including Texas, the gelding who was about to be fed to lions before he was rescued, and Lady, the orphan foal who has grown up to be head of the herd. 

Breeds include a combination of crosses, with a strong mix of Arab, plus South African Boerperds. 

The horses have lovely calm temperaments and react easily and lightly to the aids.  They are beautiful, responsive, alert, tough and fit. 

Grey Baladi horse


All of the horses on our Egypt riding tours are “Baladi” horses, the breed of horse most commonly found across Egypt.

Baladi horses are native to Egypt and have mixed bloodlines with Arabian and European influences.

They are spirited, quick, and versatile, with great stamina.

They are also forward going and responsive, making them a pleasure to ride.


Many of the horses have been rescued from difficult situations and rehabilitated. Each horse has it's own story. 

Each horse has their own unique personality, and we will do our best to match horse to rider based on riding ability and personal preferences.

Dapple grey Baladi horse
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