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We aim to book you on to the correct riding holiday for your riding level.

Some of our riding holidays are aimed at experienced or intermediate riders only, with long days in the saddle. For these safaris you need to feel confident about keeping up with the group, capable of riding at all paces, and controlling your horse.

We ask riders to please be as honest as possible about your experience level when booking, so we can match you with both the correct horse and safari, and for your own safety and well-being. Guides reserve the right to not allow individuals to ride if they feel they are not experienced enough for the ride they booked on to. If you are not sure what your experience level is the following guideline can be used:

Beginner: Has ridden not at all or very little. Will need a quiet horse and instruction.

Novice: Has ridden for a while and has the basics under their belt. Can walk, trot and canter in a controlled manner on a quiet sensible horse. Can steer, stop and go easily. Has basic balance. May need a little instruction or help on trickier parts of the ride. 

Intermediate: Has ridden for a longer period of time. Can walk trot, canter and gallop confidently with a balanced seat on a variety of horses, including fitter or more forward going horses.

Advanced/Experienced: Has ridden for years and has experience with a variety of horses. Confident on more difficult horses and in faster paces. May have competed, worked with horses, owned horses or spent a lot of time in the saddle in previous years. 

Riders need to be over a certain age for some of our trips, so please check with each individual riding experience when booking. Riders who are taking part in the more advanced safaris need to be riding fit, or have basic fitness levels . Please check our weight limits for each trip.

For most of the rides, trail saddles are used; these have been shown to be more comfortable over long distances, and are also kinder on the horse's backs.

For your own comfort we strongly recommended that you spend sometime building up your riding fitness levels before joining us on an adventure, particularly for the more advanced rides.

You must be insured to ride with Wild Inside Horse Safaris. Read our insurance policy here. Most insurance companies will only cover you when wearing a riding hat should an accident occur while you are riding. Please bring your own hard riding hat, along with boots, gloves and chaps as these are not supplied.

Horse-riding is a high risk sport and you will be required to sign an indemnity form on your arrival.

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