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  • Pyramids of Giza

  • Ancient Temples + Tombs 

  • One Night Camping in the Desert

  • Dinner Cruise on the Nile River

  • Ride in the Theban Mountains

  • Campfires at the Stables

Woman on bay Baladi horse in front of Pyramids, Egypt


Location: Cairo + Luxor

2 Nights Cairo, 5 Nights Luxor

Nights: 7 Nights/8 Days (5 Days Riding)

Rider Limitations: For Strong Intermediate - Advanced Riders

Riders Must be Over 16 Years Old

Weight Limit - 90kg.

Group Size: Maximum 8 People

Dates: Set Dates Throughout the Year 

Riding: 5 Days Riding. 3-7 Hours Per Day

Flights: Flights must be booked to arrive at Cairo International Airport. Flights on departure day must leave from Luxor International Airport














Camel lying down


All Riding



 Bottled water

Airport Transfers

Tours on Itinerary

Entrance Fees for Tours

Not Included:


Charter Flight from Cairo to Luxor 

Insurance (Mandatory)

Entry Visa to Egypt 

Soft Drinks + Alcoholic Drinks

 Additional Tours Not on Itinerary. 

Extra Costs:

Tips for staff/guides.

7 Nights/8 Days:


Price is per person sharing accommodation.

Single travelers are also welcome.

A single supplement of 10% of the total tour price is charged.

Single travelers have the option of pairing up to avoid the single supplement. If two solo travelers on the same tour have indicated a willingness to share accommodations and are successfully paired, the single supplement would not be charged or would be refunded (excluding any applicable refund fees).


9th September - 16th September 2023

28th October - 4th November 2023

19th December - 26th December 2023

6th January - 13th January 2024

19th January - 26th January 2024

2nd February - 9th February 2024

12th February - 19th February 2024

8th March - 15th March 2024

2nd April - 9th April 2024

14th April - 21st April 2024

26th April - 3rd May 2024

14th May - 21st May 2024

2nd September - 9th September 2024

21st September - 29th September 2024

12th October - 19th October 2024

27th October - 3rd November 2024

16th November - 23rd November 2024

1st December - 8th December 2024

22nd December - 29th December 2024

Ancient Adventures

Please note this is a sample only, individual experiences may vary slightly.

This itinerary acts as a guide to give you an overview of what your tour will be like.

Day 1 - Welcome to Egypt!

You made it to the home of the pyramids and the land of the Pharaohs! A transfer will be waiting for you at Cairo Airport to take you to the Nine Pyramids hotel in Giza.  The first day is very laid back. Take your time to settle in, relax with a drink, and take in the views of the pyramids and Spinx from the hotel.

Meet the staff, and then have a delicious rooftop dinner, complete with phenomenal views. You will be treated to a  Sound and Light Show as you enjoy your meal. After a relaxed evening and good nights sleep you will be well rested for the first day of riding!

View of Giza Pyramids from rooftop of the Nine Pyramids Hotel
Woman on grey Baladi horse in front of Giza pyramid

Day 2 - Giza Pyramids + Egyptian Museum

Now the adventure really starts!

Meet the horses and saddle up for an exhilarating ride to the Pyramids of Giza! By the time you get there you will have completely and utterly have fallen in love with your horse.

You will have long gallops and exhilarating races across the sand in the desert on the way.

Dismount in Giza and explore the incredible history while the horses rest. Get up close to the Great Pyramid and the famous Sphinx on a fascinating tour.

Lunch will be the national dish kosheri, followed by a visit to the Egyptian Museum, containing the largest collection of pharaoh antiques, mummies, sarcophagi, papyrus, and much more.

Ride back to the hotel and watch a once-in-a-lifetime sunset on the roof before dinner.

Day 3 - Saqqara, Dashur + Abusir Pyramids

The morning is spent visiting historical sites south of Giza, starting with the Step Pyramid, which is the oldest in the world. 

The Step Pyramid was built around 4,700 years ago for Pharoah Djoser, and is one of the most iconic monuments in Egypt.

The next stop is Dashur, where you will explore inside the burial chamber of the Red Pyramid and also visit the unique “Bent” Pyramid. 

In the afternoon it's time to head to the next destination, with a short, one-hour flight to Luxor. Settle in to your new accommodation in the peaceful village of Ramlah, near the Nile River.

Group pf riders and horses in front of pyramid, Egypt
Horse riding tours of the sights of Egypt

Day 4 - Habu Temple + Ramesseum Ride

After a hearty breakfast, meet the Luxor horses, and your new ride! 

 Then saddle up for a full day of riding and sightseeing. Trot and canter along the Nile River through lush green fields, and ride through village streets.

Ride up to the impressive Colossi of Memnon for an exceptional photo-opportunity on your way to Medinet Habu Temple.

The temple is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian Sun God, Amun. After lunch, it's time for a ride to Ramesseum.

Ramesseum is a large and impressive temple complex built by Ramses II.

After the tour and a ride back home, an authentic home cooked dinner will be served at the stables.

Day 5 - Mount Thebes + Desert Camping

Today is a full day of riding, taking you from the Nile River Banks, all the way to Mount Thebes, and ending with the unique experience of sleeping under the stars in the desert!

 Today is an early start, but you'll wake up easily with the air in your face as you canter between fields of banana trees and past the ancient village of Old Qurna.

Eat lunch in a desert cave, then remount as the ride continues up Mount Thebes, where you can take in breath-taking views of Luxor and the Nile, before exploring the hills around the Valley of the Kings. 

 Cook a traditional Egyptian dinner over an open fire and experience a magical desert sunset with Egyptian tea and music, before spending the night in a Bedouin tent. This is a night you will never forget! 

Bedouin camp
Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Day 6 - Desert to Nile Ride + Valley of the Kings

Have breakfast next to your horse at sunrise, while watching hot air balloons float beautifully above the mountains.

We then saddle up for a ride through the desert and mountains, eventually reaching village streets and farmland before arriving at the stables.

After lunch, enjoy a bit of relaxation time.

This afternoon's trip is an absolute must-see: The Valley of the Kings!

Be transported back in time and let history come alive as you explore the tombs of famous Egyptian rulers.

In the evening, you’ll relax with a memorable cruise on the Nile, while watching the sunset and tucking in to some delicious food. 

Riding horses through Egyptian farmland

Day 7 - Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple + Banana Island 

Take a water taxi across the river to the East Bank of the Nile, to reach tours of the Luxor and Karnak Temples. 

These temples are some of Luxor’s finest and cannot be missed! Back on the west bank, we saddle up for an afternoon on horseback.

We ride through the farmland along the Nile River to Banana Island, where we have lunch with the horses. You’ll be treated to feteer, a delicious pastry-like bread served with an array of honey, molasses, and feta cheese. With some fruit juice or Turkish coffee, you’ll be fully refreshed for more riding!

Canter along fields of sugar cane and delve into the desert for invigorating gallops.

End the day and celebrate your last night with a lively barbecue at the stable with a fire, drinks, and music.

Day 8 - Ma'salaam, Goodbye!

If you have the time before your flight, tack up for the final time for a casual morning ride.

Otherwise, relax at the stable with the horses, take a dip in the pool, or pick up some last-minute souvenirs to take home.

By now you will have well and truly bonded with your horse, and made lots of everlasting memories together.

It's time for a sad goodbye.

A transfer will take you to the Luxor Airport to catch your flight.

Rider and grey Baladi horse at pyramids in Egypt

To ask a question, request a full brochure, or book this tour please click below! 

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